Doune Castle

Doune Caste is a formidable example of a 14th Century castle and was built by Robert, Duke of Albany. Its prominent features are the imposing 95 foot high gatehouse, which also houses domestic quarters including the impressive Lord’s Hall with carved oak screen, musicians’ gallery and double fireplace. The castle is popular with fans of Monty Python, Outlander and Game of Thrones as it was used as a filmset.

The grassy knoll is ideal for playing rolypoly and is festooned with daffodils in the spring.
An imposing exterior.
Great Hall
Time stands still.
Unchanged from days of old – if you’ll excuse the extinguisher.
Drama and intrigue.

Other buildings of architectural and historical interest in the village include:

  • the Kilmadock Parish Church built in 1822
  • the Moray Institute
  • the Bridge of Teith built in 1533
  • The Merket Cross built in 1620, right in the centre of Doune, connecting Main, Balkerach and George Streets.  It was historically the commercial heart of the village, with cattle trading and fairs held around it. It was also a more macabre gathering point for public executions. Today it is still at the commercial heart and you can visit without fear of losing your head.