Blair Drummond Safari Park near Doune

The below tells you a bit about the park. We suggest you get there early – at 10am and do the Chimp Boat, drive through and paddle boats first. That way you can enjoy the day and miss the crowds. When you leave, instead of turning right to go onto the main road, we turn left and go a slightly longer way round which we feel is safer.


Wildlife reserves.

There are four wildlife reserves full of exotic animals. The lion drive through reserve is probably the most popular – for good reason. It is proceeded by a drive through with soft skin animals which for the most part are safe and include zebras, camels and antelopes. However one day the rhino was in a mood and it did get a bit hairy. You can also do the Barbary macaque drive-through but they do clamber on your car. They are cheeky monkey’s after all. We like to do the drive-through when we arrive as if you wait till you are leaving, which most people do late afternoon, you will be in a bit of a traffic jam which takes away from the experience.

Chimp Island.

One of our most enjoyable things to do is a leisurely boat trip around Chimp Island.  There is a commentary to tell you a bit about the apes and you can see them quite clearly. They are usually quite sedentary but if you are lucky they’ll be exploring their climbing frame or forage in the undergrowth. Your skipper is well informed and can answer any questions you have. We suggest you do this to start the day and beat the queues.

See the sea lions.

They describe the show as ‘phenomenal’ and it is. There is a bit of comedy along with some demonstrable skills and of course the conservancy and marine litter story. It’s a hit with the kids and if you watch the adults they seem to enjoy it just as much.

Birds of Prey take to the air

There are regular flying demonstrations showcasing birds from around the world with winged demos from owls, eagles, falcons and even vultures. (The African in me shudders).


The kids can burn off some steam climbing the wooden castle and slip sliding down some rather long slides. It’s a great place for everyone to play hide and seek. I’d suggest keeping a close eye on smaller children here, it’s really for bigger kids.

The pirate ship is marooned in a sandpit and right next to the café. Ideal for watching the kids dig for treasure while you sip a coffee.

Take to the water in a paddle boat.

The boats take 5 and are great fun when you have races. It’s a super way to burn off some calories and have a laugh.

There is flying fox that takes you across the river – at speed. Pretty fast fun.

There are plenty of other paid for activities. But in our family we kinda ignore all that arcade stuff and opt for the astraglide. What is that you ask? A slide with 4 sections that you zoom down in with your feet tucked into a hessian sack. Why you ask? To make you super-fast. Then all the way back up the stairs for another, another, another ride. Be warned. You and the kids may want to spend a lot of time here. It’s a good place to hang out if you are waiting for the sea lion show.

Food and drink at Blair Drummond.

Unfortunately there is a downside to the park. The food choice aren’t healthy and if you have any allergens it’s best to bring your own. If you are organised, there are BBQ pits you just bring you meat and if you are super organised, your charcoal. Fabulous on a sunny day.