Doune Castle River Teith walk

After heavy rains the ‘beach’ is smaller. On a sunny day you can laze here and watch the fish rise. On any day you can skip stones.

Stay a while and you may see a Grey Heron fishing for its dinner.  Listen. Apart from the gurgle of water and bird song, all you will hear is quiet. 

Dog walkers may pass by with bouncy dogs. Sometimes swimmers brave the cold and swim from shore. But most often this is a place to spend time for quiet contemplation.

Just here the Ardoch Burn meets the River Teith. There is a bench and a tiny paddling area. The slack water of the burn is ideal for kids to explore safely.

Sit. Be at peace with the world. 

We recommend you bring a picnic rug and if you’re very organised, a portable BBQ to  while away some time here.