Wildlife in Doune

Beasties and birds in Doune.

If you are a nature lover you’ll love Doune, indeed you’ll love the entire area. You can experiences creatures in their natural habitat by taking walk along the river, round the ponds or across the hills. Our preferred mode of transport is a pair of boots, especially good for when you want to slow down from the rapid pace of modern life. We find it amazing how much more you see when you are going slow in boots compared to cycling or driving.

Filling your nostrils with the resin of pine woods, catch a whiff of heather. Bring your senses alive. And while you’re doing that you come across creatures, just going about their business, in their natural habitat.

On a wild walk in the hills you and across the sprawling fields, you may spot indigenous Scottish wildlife such as the scampering red squirrel, majestic red deer or secretive pine marten (if you are exceptionally lucky).

Photographer Shane Rounce

Birdwatching in Doune

If you are more a ‘twitcher’ get your binoculars ready to spot a wide variety of birds. With the variety of natural habitats including the Doune Ponds you will have plenty of spotting opportunities.

The Argaty Red Kites attract visitors from across the world. There was once a bit of  a logistical challenge when a coach tour of Japanese tourists arrived and had to be driven along a narrow winding country lane, four at a time, to see the birds in action. Just as well the local shepherd had his sheep in a different field, otherwise there would have been the daily sheep herding to add to the excitement.