Things to do in or near Stirling

We (happily) spend a lot of time making recommendations to our guests about where to go. After all, many of them have come a long way.  We’ve both spent decades away from Scotland and sometimes feel like we are seeing it like tourists ourselves. So here are some snippets to inspire you when you stay in Doune and want to explore the surrounding areas for things to do.

The official video on things to do in Stirling. And perhaps best of all, it’s not all about the castle. Unless you are history mad or a fan of Outlander and other such dramas, once you’ve seen several castles, you may want too find time for other historical sites. After all there are 2,000 castles in Scotland.

If we were to recommend just three that are on the ‘must-see’ list, and more than likely en-route, in our humble opinion they are Edinburgh Castle, Doune Castle and Stirling Castle.

Travel itineary – castles – check.

William Wallace Monument

The Wallace Monument found in Bridge of Allan, halfway between Doune and Stirling.

This video brings to life the dramatic history of battles and clans lead by, you guessed it, William Wallace.

Movie buffs may be amused to know that when they erected a stone statue in the carpark with the likeness of Mel Gibson it was defaced immediately. Scots are very proud of their defiant past and didn’t want their Scotsman trivialised by Hollywood.

If you’re keen on history and photography this is an optimal destination.  You will need to make your way up the narrow, curved stone staircase which is a steep climb. But there is good news and good news. You can rest on each flight and learn a little history. And the views from the top are spectacular.